Impact Engineering
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IMPACT ENGINEERING: Fundamentals, Experiments, Non-linear Finite Elements, by Marcilio Alves, with contributions from Dora Karagiozova and Larissa Driemeier, covers the basic aspects of the dynamic analysis of structures undergoing small to large displacements, linear and nonlinear elastic material behavior to viscoplasticity, equipping the reader with the basic features of simple and advanced structural impact analysis.The book covers theoretical, numerical and experimental mechanics, including-elasto-plastic wave propagation-vibration-buckling analysis-beams, plates and shells behavior-material response to rapid loading-material failure-Fourier signal analysis-Newton-Raphson method-computational plasticity-linear and non-linear finite element analysisSome problems are offered to the reader at the end of the chapters, including some questions covering ethical aspects.The book is divided in eleven chapters:1.Introduction to structural impact 2.Rigid body impact3.One-dimensional elastic waves and impact of bars 4.Elasto-dynamics of beams 5.Visco-plastic dynamics of beams and plates 6.Axial impact in shells and plastic waves 7.Material behavior and failure8.Linear finite elements analysis9.Nonlinear finite elements analysis10.Scaling11.Impact engineeringVisit for further interaction.


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